This was the last photograph I took with Missy Shorey, who leads the Dallas County Republican Party. She was only 47 and lived in Lake Highlands District 9.

I remembered her saying, “get in the photo, right here next to me!” as I stood off to the side. She would always tell me, “you are my best dress candidate.”
I did not know she supported me over the current councilman until she asked me to send her a photo, saying his endorsement by the Mayor does not make him favorable to us.

I was just at her home where she gave me advice on not taking endorsements from certain people, don’t sign anything and stay true to who you are.
I remember her stopping me after a meeting and telling me how to navigate Dallas politics.
She talked a lot and very fast so you had no choice but to listen and I’m glad I did. There is no one that cared as she did and no real leadership in Dallas.
It’s 10 days before the election and that leadership and guidance are gone. With her gone who she was supporting must also feel alone. She was rooting for me in District 10 because she said: “we are not supporting anyone who is endorsed by Mayor Rawlings.”
There were other people who did not want a Minority Councilman in District 10. Missy was not happy with them, she said that’s not what our Party is about “we welcome everyone here. She told me to write to the Party about my concerns and I did. I would have been her first Minority leadership. She did a lot for me and should I defeat McGough and his crew that Missy was not happy with, I’ll honor her with my seat. This one will be for her.

My prayers of comfort are with those around her and who supported her as I have and I thank her for all the guidance and support she has given me.

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