I Can Fix It! – It’s Not Too Late To Save Dallas.
You’re here because you know Adam McGough hasn’t really done anything for District 10 and you want Change, you want new leadership. Read on..

Dallas District 10 Candidate Sirrano Keith Baldeo: Proves He’s The Best Leader For District 10 with 12 years of political leadership as a publisher, fighting for the people.

Sirrano Takes On The Hard Fights Others Avoid, Including Public Corruption. 
He’s not afraid to speak the truth when he sees wrongdoing. 

You Get One Chance To Pick The Right Leader

“As the city of Dallas faces yet another year of budgetary crisis, a continued spike in crime and unnecessary spending, new and creative business practices need to be adopted to save taxpayers money and still provide the best service to the public.
No longer can taxpayers be expected to pay any price and bear any burden. At the same time, District 10 especially and Dallas is confronting a crime spree that has resulted in a significant increase in the loss of businesses, tax revenue and qualified residents leaving, that has impacted every neighborhood in our city, the worst being District 10 as reported by the Department of Justice and Dallas Morning News. While our financial resources are limited because of the failure to make better decisions by our current leaders, the public policy, programs, and new ideas I intend to enact and my willingness to work with others will bring about the necessary change that would make Dallas a safer and better place to live and work.” Sirrano Keith Baldeo.

Sirrano Keith Baldeo is a Trinidad-born American citizen and a devoted Christian, who dreamed of living in Dallas since he was a kid. As a young man, he came to the United States legally and set out to explore the country before finally settling in Dallas with his wife, who grew up in Dallas.
He first lived in New York and then in Los Angeles where he worked in the entertainment industry. It was in LA that he wrote his first book “When U.S. Immigration Affects You,” (a common sense understanding for immigrants in the United States,) after seeing the impact of immigration in the city. He returned to New York at 28 where he kept up with politics and how it affected religion. During that time he was also a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio where he met and married his wife Stacey.

His passion for his faith as a Christian and seeing a lack of news relating to Christian issues led him to launch a newsletter called The Christian Chronicles.

After visiting people he knew in Paterson, New Jersey and seeing the separation of churches and the larger community, Sirrano felt the call to start a legitimate newspaper in the city that was once the largest manufacturing city in the United States.  It was launched to address the issues and neglect facing the black community. Also seeing an equally large Hispanic community, his newspaper evolved to become multicultural and represent the diverse community. Sirrano and his wife bought a home about 12 minutes from the city of Paterson, where the newspaper was based.

After about a year of soft news, Sirrano couldn’t ignore the neglect and corruption in local government that he witnessed.  He began reporting about the government’s inaction and misuse of power. He unashamedly focused on specific individuals one who doled out millions to a charter school and then received a job created for him in an alliance lobbying for more money from the city, including campaign contributions and other payoffs. Unfortunately for the newspaper, this official made himself very ‘likable’ and his schemes were largely unknown to the public, at first they rejected hearing the bad news about their popular official and shunned Sirrano.

He did not back down and continued reporting on public corruption and incompetence by the worst offenders. As the years went by, the newspaper and its publisher developed a very large following as the ‘go to’ news source to find out what going on in the local government.

In 2010 Sirrano returned to the purpose of his faith and launched an organization called Christian Heritage U.S. It came about when county officials were displaying Muslim and Jewish symbols during their religious celebrations, but the Christian cross was never displayed during similar celebrations. The local government stated the Muslim and Jewish symbols were not considered ‘religious’, but the cross was. Sirrano then authored a Resolution to designate September as Christian Heritage Month in Paterson, NJ and Passaic County, NJ.

Sirrano and Stacey (his right) with county officials after they passed Christian Heritage Month proclamation

“It recognizes and honors the diverse contributions and achievements Christian immigrants and their descendants have made to the heritage of our County, State and Nation.  It aims to increase public awareness about the role Christian Americans have played in the development of our County, State and Nation and promotes the rich heritage and traditions of the Christian people who have shaped the fabric of American society and global heritage.”
Each September he would join churches and officials to hold events and activities where the city celebrated Christians and gave to the less fortunate.

Sirrano has spent the last 11 years at city council meetings and county government meetings as the president of his newspaper, learning and opposing budget items and laws that affected the communities. Residents began calling Sirrano to solve problems, rather than their officials or city departments. He earned the reputation as someone who would get things done and is credited for playing an integral role in the removal of two mayors and several officials for incompetence and neglectful activities.

As the years went by, the city infrastructure, crime, taxes, lack of police response became worse. Frustrated with what was happening, Sirrano voiced to members of the city council that they were not doing the right thing for taxpayers. The council retaliated by blocking him from speaking at a public meeting and challenging their re-election as devastating to the city. The city took action to remove the newspaper from receiving critical information. Officials began contacting their friends in other publications to target Sirrano and attempt to discredit him. Despite showing the media(s) evidence and truth, the stories continued to favor the officials.

Sirrano takes several officials to criminal court for corruption and incompetence and misusing their office.

Sirrano Keith Baldeo successfully argued before an independent judge and criminally charged seven Paterson council members with corruption and official misconduct for abusing their power, seen here in superior court. After the case was blocked from a grand jury by a political judge, Sirrano the filed a federal civil claim for corruption against the officials. The council members filed a motion to dismiss that was denied by the court and the case is still pending.

Sirrano plans to take the same approach in Dallas and assure taxpayer when he is elected, if anyone is caught misusing their tax dollars for personal gain and to reward there friends or supporters, he will take the same action to end corruption in Dallas city hall.

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