District 10 Candidate Seeks To Celebrate Christian Contributions In Dallas

Sirrano Keith Baldeo celebrates Christian Heritage Month on the steps of Paterson city hall. Baldeo authored a Resolution designating September as Christian Heritage Month. Here he is seen with officials and residents in September celebration a Resolution he had the officials pass saying;

This designates the month of September of each year as “Christian Heritage Month” in the County of Passaic.  The Proclamation recognizes and honors the diverse contribution and achievements Christian immigrants and their descendants have made to the heritage of our County, State and Nation.  It aims to increase public awareness about the role Christian Americans have played in the development of our County, State and Nation and promotes the rich heritage and traditions of the Christian people who have shaped the fabric of American society and global heritage.

Baldeo stated if he is elected to the city of Dallas District 10 He plans to pass the same resolution and celebrate the contribution Christians have made in Dallas and Texas as a whole.


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