The Man Who Raised Dallas Taxes

Click on the link to hear Dallas mayor blames Councilman McGough of the 10 District for raising taxes. Several other council members including the City Manager blames McGough for raising taxes as well. After giving $16 million tax dollars to the Dallas police union, he in return got their endorsement for re-election. One of the reasons Sirrano wants to remove McGough, to block him from raising more taxes and putting it on the backs of taxpayers.

LINK: Mayor Rawlings  Slams Council McGough for raising taxes

District 10 Candidate Seeks To Celebrate Christian Contributions In Dallas

Sirrano Keith Baldeo celebrates Christian Heritage Month on the steps of Paterson city hall. Baldeo authored a Resolution designating September as Christian Heritage Month. Here he is seen with officials and residents in September celebration a Resolution he had the officials pass saying; Continue reading “District 10 Candidate Seeks To Celebrate Christian Contributions In Dallas”


I Can Fix It! – It’s Not Too Late To Save Dallas.
You’re here because you know Adam McGough hasn’t really done anything for District 10 and you want Change, you want new leadership. Read on..

Dallas District 10 Candidate Sirrano Keith Baldeo: Proves He’s The Best Leader For District 10 with 12 years of political leadership as a publisher, fighting for the people.

Sirrano Takes On The Hard Fights Others Avoid, Including Public Corruption. 
He’s not afraid to speak the truth when he sees wrongdoing. 

You Get One Chance To Pick The Right Leader

“As the city of Dallas faces yet another year of budgetary crisis, a continued spike in crime and unnecessary spending, new and creative business practices need to be adopted to save taxpayers money and still provide the best service to the public.
No longer can taxpayers be expected to pay any price and bear any burden. At the same time, District 10 especially and Dallas is confronting a crime spree that has resulted in a significant increase in the loss of businesses, tax revenue and qualified residents leaving, that has impacted every neighborhood in our city, the worst being District 10 as reported by the Department of Justice and Dallas Morning News. While our financial resources are limited because of the failure to make better decisions by our current leaders, the public policy, programs, and new ideas I intend to enact and my willingness to work with others will bring about the necessary change that would make Dallas a safer and better place to live and work.” Sirrano Keith Baldeo. Continue reading “IF YOU VOTE MCGOUGH BACK IN YOU WILL BE SORRY, MORE CRIME, MORE TAXES, MORE BUSINESSES AND FAMILY LEAVING.”