If There Is One Reason District 10 To Get a New Councilman, This Is It. He’s Only Going To Make It Worst


Evidently, you have serious concerns,

Thank you for the question. The first thing you need is an aggressive councilman who is visible in the community and stands side by side with the Police Chief.
As you can see the police chief lives in District 10 and shamefully she too is not present at community meetings.
I helped elect a mayor in Paterson New Jersey with my newspaper and the first thing I told him was, if you don’t combat crime in one area, it’s going to crawl over into the good areas, he did nothing to address that, it got worst and he was voted out. I hope District 10 follows suit.

I am as frustrated as you are. I don’t think Adam McGough understands the power of the city council office. He leaves the crime business to DPD and if anything is positive he comes to take credit and if negative, he stays in the background. You can’t reach him, you have to go to his staff, with me, I’ll be the one you reach and speak with directly

I don’t think any of the council members know how much power that office gives them.
As the president of a Newspaper in NJ for 12 years when the mayor and council failed, I created three projects to target crime. One was with the churches, one was with the mothers of the District and another was a youth program.
I needed the council to allocate only $3 million to recreation and they did not.
I went ahead with the projects myself. I build a team myself which I will do here win or lose. and crime started moving out.
Because of my popularity, I would walk into the worst neighborhoods and they would not touch me, why? because I was visible.
I would speak to people who gather on a dangerous block, and they would tell run for mayor because I would at least help them get clean and do the right things by the neighborhood, that no one is willing to come in an show them a different way of life but I was, so be the leader the asked.
People want help and when they have a government who is absent, they do their own things, bad things.
I targeted the youth with “Sirrano’s Millionaires” and A Christain Program teaching them biblical principals, the mothers keep asking me to come back.
Mr. McGough does not understand the crime or the nature of the people doing it.
I do. He’s poised to win because he has a group in Lake Highland who stated they want a “White Councilman because Lake Highlands is White”

I’ll be launching a newspaper this weekend to speak to the other 80% of the community who don’t subscribe to that.
I want them to know, that base on what people like you see, we need change.
You know what you have and you know it’s going to get worse, I’ve handled these kinds of issues before, give me a chance, you get someone willing to fight, take the change.
I”m going to work on a full answer and my plans and add it to the newspaper.
I want people to know they had a chance to allow someone else to take a shot at it and I’m no easy person when it comes to people hurting others in my community.
So thank you for this, If people are still going to vote for him knowing this, they get what they get, sooner or later they too will pack up and leave and I need to address it.